The Sofa. Elizabeth Machoncy
Independent Opera. Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadlers Wells Theatre. London

Director. Alessandro Talevi
Conductor. Dominic Wheeler
Set Design. Madeleine Boyd
Costume Design. Ryszard Andrzejewski
Lighting Design. Matt Haskins

Music and Vision. Great Delight, Robert Hugill

‘…[The] Director Alessandro Talevi’s assured production inevitably, perhaps, set the piece in the present day…Costume designer Ryszard Andrzejewski has obviously had a lot of fun raiding contemporary styles for the cast…’

The Telegraph. Maconchy: a gritty and powerful legacy, Geoffrey Norris

'...Independent Opera fielded a strong young vocal ensemble, decked out by costume designer Ryszard Andrzejewski in the fantastic clothes of today’s party crowd, and moving around Madeleine Boyd’s smart, funky set with fluent nonchalance...'

Financial Times. Andrew Clark

The way the opera's hedonistic anti-hero "became" the sofa was theatrical magic...'

The Independent. The Sofa/The Departure *****, Michael Church

'...The party that director Alessandro Talevi and designer Madeleine Boyd devise as the framework for this event is very Noughties Hoxton, as are its louche denizens. Everyone on stage looks good, acts well and sounds marvelous...'

The Stage. George Hall

'Alessandro Talevi’s productions are sharply defined, brilliantly so in the case of the comedy, which Madeleine Boyd’s set and Ryszard Andrzejewski’s costumes transfer to an up-to-the-minute London club... Sharratt’s transformation into a sofa is marvellously done.'

Seen and Heard International. Anne Ozorio

The (…DESIGN…) is a gorgeous mix of 1950’s kitsch and retro chic – completely in tune with current tastes in post modern irony. The costumes, make-up and hairdos are brilliant – the Grandmother is a nightmare in shocking pink, and the girlfriend has a helmet-like Amy Winehouse black beehive, adding another level of meaning to the plot...’