Waltz #6. Nelson Rodrigues
Stonecrabs Theatre Company. Greenwich Playhouse. London.

Director. Franko Figueredo
Set Design. Ryszard Andrzejewski
Costume Design. Lu Firth
Lighting Design. Lucy Hansom
Sound Deisgn. Dinah Mullen

THE STAGE. Paul Vale

Upon a stage strewn with lilies and overshadowed by the entrails of an old piano, lies the pale naked body of a young woman. As the strains of Chopin’s Waltz No.6 is heard in the distance, the body painfully animates in a ballet of awakening and self discovery.

. . .the StoneCrabs’ production captures the dramatic mood entirely. .

Richard Andrzejewski’s brilliant set design painstakingly creates an image of both birth and death. . .


Director and Designers conjure the taut, elegant atmosphere of 1950's Rio beautifully.

THE TIMES. Sam Marlowe

A naked young woman, her skin deathly pale, lies face down on the floor. Strewn all around her are hundreds of lilies, funereal and extravagantly beautiful, their sex parts as flagrantly exposed as her body. Here and there are items of ripped clothing and behind her, a dismembered piano, it's lid torn off. The scene resembles the aftermath of some extraordinary, impassioned recital, as if the exhausted pianist has collapsed among the floral tributes. . .

FRINGE REVIEW. Maxie Szalwinska

A Young woman lies naked on the floor, her bone white body glowing in the dark room. Flowers are scattered around her. A smashed grand piano stands next to her, it looks like a dismantled coffin. There is blood on the keyboard.

The girl picks herself up, slips into a dress as pale as wax . . .
Full of startling poetry, it is like glimpsing something creepy through a keyhole, or having the nape of your neck touched by somebody you didn't know was in the room. .